Attached with the majestic Jim Corbett National Park, Lansedowne Forest and Rajaji National park is the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary got its name from the Sonanadi River which flows in this area literally meaning river of gold due to once held gold panning activities at this river. Later  under the Project Tiger run in India the area was converted into a sanctuary. 

Spread over a huge area of 301.18 square kilometers, the sanctuary is loaded with dense forests in the Terai Biotic province of Shiwaliks. Bamboo trees, Sheesham, Bakli, Aonla, Kanthber, Jamun, Semal, figs and Sal form the major flora of the forests here.

Three rivers Mandal, Kolhu and Palain enrich this area with desired minerals and nourish the aquatic life here. Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous tourist destination and having multiple entry gates to explore by tourists.

Pakhro and Vatanvasa are very popular among tourist. SanehKolhuchaur is also give enough competition to both of them as track passes through Kolhu river. There are lot of water bodies where you can see wildlife drinking water.

A perfect spot for people seeking nature’s embrace and nirvana with the chirping of birds and a feeling of coexistence with the wildlife. Founded on January 9th, 1987, the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is essentially linked to the ‘Project Tiger’ which was initiated in the year 1973. On a combined level, the second-largest panther and tiger population in the world is found in Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and Jim Corbett National Park.

Fauna at the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary
The wetlands of the sanctuary serve as the adobe for rare animals like Asiatic Elephants, Tigers, Barking Deer, Sambhar, Cheetal, Wild Bear and several Reptiles. The sanctuary also flourishes with avian fauna housing almost 500 birds with a mix of both resident and migratory birds. The migratory birds fly to this sanctuary looking for a cozy winter home as their original adobe gets colder through the winters.

Falcons, Warblers, Hornbills, Himalayan Bearded Vulture, Pheasants, Wall Creeper, Thrushes, Changeable Hawk Eagle, Emerald Dove, Flycatchers, Brown Fish Owls are some of the bird species found in the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

The flora of the sanctuary includes some of the rarest medicinal herbs found in the country and few species of shrubs which have been declared endangered.